summer happenings

Well, hello. It’s been nearly two months since my last post: life has been hectic, crazy, and really fun. Here are some photos from the past few months:


^^^weekends with little dude while papa sleeps. we frequent church, playgrounds, and target.^^^

IMG_6112^^^little dude got a major haircut from aunt carri and immediately looked more like his papa. i miss his baby hair!^^^

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset^^^we walk past this church all the time. i think it’s really beautiful.^^^

IMG_6013^^^we love spending time with grandpapa {he and Levi are basically the same person, it’s hilarious}. he’s in england for 6 weeks, so we miss him lots.^^^

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset^^^cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. hello, 31!^^^

IMG_6241 IMG_6250 IMG_6211^^^family time at the playground & the beach.^^^

A few other notable happenings:

Levi weaned from his bottle at the beginning of June. He’s a big kid now with his sippy cups. He’s also now fully weaned from nursing before bed {this was more dramatic for me, I think}, and before naps. We nurse in the wee hours of the morning, again when we’re up for the day, and then sometime in the afternoon/after work. I still really enjoy our nursing time. In addition to signing “more” and “milk” to indicate he wants milk, he’s now started saying ‘nana’. We can’t quite figure out if it’s his word for nursing, or if it just means that he wants something.

Levi said “mama” the other day and I nearly cried. He says “papa”, but he doesn’t do it consistently. He is able to verbally say “Lennon” which is really cute; he also says “hi”, “night, night”, and “all done”. He’s still signing “please”, “thank you” and I think the most adorable thing he does at this stage is turn his hands up when you ask him where something is. At this age, it’s crazy to see how much he picks up on  and how he’s trying to verbalize {and it’s heartbreaking when he gets so frustrated}.

I re-joined a gym, and have been making an effort to work out again. It’s really hard to get to the gym after working and juggling schedules, but it’s worth it. The group fitness classes are a blast, and my body feels good.

We’re feeling a little stir crazy in our tiny apartment, and are considering a move to a different neighborhood/area of the city.












a few things you’ve missed …

Since I’m back from an unintentional blogging hiatus {like, the entire month of May}, here are some iPhone snaps of the last few weeks …

{a tour of the new hospital with mom, dad, and hubby}

{the cinco de miler with friends j & b}

{mother’s day with momma, aunt c and cousin i}

{a lunch with Hubby in his scrubs}

{new summer sandals}

{lennon made a trip to the groomer}

{summer arrived: denim cutoffs, espadrilles were necessary}

As much as I would love to say I’ll be back to regular blogging, I make no promises.



Chicago Air + Water Show

Every year Hubby and I seem to be of town for the Chicago Air + Water Show weekend. This weekend we braved the crowds on Sunday to catch the last few hours of the show which featured the US Air Force Thunderbirds. It was the most perfect day to see the show. A clear blue sky and sunshine set the perfect backdrop for the show. Because my father served in the USAF {and worked as a tech on the planes during his time in the service}, he gets pretty nostalgic thinking about those years. It’s always fun to see his face light up when he talks about the Thunderbirds and the pilots.

These are a few snaps from the time that we spent at the show on Sunday. If we’re in town next year, I’d love to catch more of the show. It really wasn’t as crowded as I expected; because we rode bikes, it was easy to nab a great spot on the beach. It really is a fun {and free} event.

A little historical nugget for you: the first Chicago Air+ Water Show was held in 1959, and is the largest free show of it’s kind in the US.



Weekly Gratitude: 27/28 Editions

{What do we do with leftover 3D glasses? Put them on Lennon and take photos, of course.}

Things I’m thankful for this week {and last week}:

  • Hubby finishing his summer semester! He got an A in the course {of course!}.
  • An extra day off of work to rest, relax, and read this.
  • The City on Netflix instant. NY, DVF, Kelly Cutrone, Whitney Port, and Olivia Palermo drama? You had me at DVF.
  • The stormy weather. It makes for perfect sleeping conditions.
  • One Girls’ Night in watching True Blood Season 1.
  • Sparkly pink polish on my toes.
  • Seeing “Captain America” with my love and 4 other nerdy dudes.
  • Scoring a Qdoba Groupon {$7 for $14 worth of food!}
  • Vogue’s Age Issue: SJP’s still got it.
  • A lovely bubble bath in the middle of a crazy week.
Happy Weekend!


{photos 1&2 taken during our summer in panama, photo 3 at my wedding, photo 4 during a visit in chicago, photo 5 last summer in santa cruz}

One of my oldest and dearest friends has set out on an adventure of a lifetime. She has been living in Santa Cruz, CA for the last few years {Hubby and I visited her out there last summer} and has recently accepted a position on the other side of the country on the coast in Georgia. Being the true adventurer that she is, she decided to Vespa her way cross-country mapping out a 6 week route from coast to coast {literally}. I’m so excited for her, to hear about her adventures, and keep her in my prayers for safe travels. She is going to be updating her blog An Ocean of Trees, if you want to follow along in her adventure. Betsy and I first met in Chicago when I was a Freshman in high school. We’ve lived near each other on and off over the years, when we lived various places throughout the Midwest. She’s celebrated with me, cried with me, and has been a consistent source of encouragement in my life.

In 2004, we traveled to Panama together and spent two months living/volunteering at a children’s home for the summer. If any of you have traveled out of the country with a friend, you know that there are memories made that last forever. Silly {and very strange} things that make you laugh or cry when remembered. It truly was an adventure, and I’m so thankful for that summer. Fast forward 7 years later, and I can still picture us on a beach somewhere in Panama: me terribly sunburnt, Betsy terribly tan, feeling so terribly blessed to call her my friend.