Holiday Wishlist 2012

Confession: I have not started any of my Christmas shopping. I’m particularly distracted this year which I blame partially on this growing belly and hormones that accompany. I have ideas and lists of items to purchase for my family and friends, but I have not purchased one item. In an effort to get my holiday gift inspiration going, I created my own little holiday wishlist of sorts. It’s hard to focus on myself and not ask for things for the little dude that will be making an appearance in the new year – but alas! I did it.

Holiday Wishlist 2012

Holiday Wishlist: Magazine Subscription to Real Simple or Lucky | Tunnel Scarf |

Prenatal Massage | Infinity Ring | Slippers | Belly Butter | Woodsy Candle


In desperate need of a change

So last weekend in an attempt to change my hair back to blonde, I had what will forever be referred to as “haircastrophy of 2012”. My hair did not agree with the attempts to remove the copper tones. Instead, it decided to break off on the ends, catapulting into a “I’m going bald” panic. Well, I’m not bald – but I am sporting some very stringy strands {which I treat with a Fekkai Rx deep conditioner every evening slapping on my trusty shower cap while I sleep}.

So now I’m left with the question: Where do I go from here? I’ve been attempting to “grow” out my hair for the past few years. I’ve enjoyed having longer locks. I’m now wondering if I should start from scratch with a shorter do and start all over again. I’ve always enjoyed changing hairstyles, and throughout my high school and college years experimented with different lengths, tones, and textures.

This is what I’m considering {perhaps with a little more length in back} …


Usually, I get quite impulsive about my hair. This time, I want to make sure it’s what I want – because it will inevitably take me years to grow it out again. Decisions, decisions …



Inspired Tuesday: Ceremonials

Have you heard Florence + The Machine’s newest album “Ceremonials”? I’m in love her voice and the complexity of her music. See my favorite performance here.

Here’s a video of one of my favorite tunes from the new album. I could not find a video for my most favorite “Never Let Me Go”, but if you’re a Spotify member give it a listen. It’s, well, brilliant.

Inspired Tuesday: Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Do you know Marcel? I fell in love with little Marcel the Shell last year, and have been waiting for a sequel.

Here’s the original:

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

And the sequel:

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


Sheldon Conch

Inspired Tuesday: Tunes

One of my favorite things about Pandora is the discovery of new artists that possess similarities to each other.  Music has always evoked such emotion: be it through a complex harmonies and rhythm, or lyrics. Hubby and I had a recent conversation about my connection to certain artists and genres {most of which he labels “sad” music}, and I realized it’s just always been my way to connect with myself and with my emotions. I could go on, and on, and on about my favorite movements but I won’t bore you.

Most mornings, I start my day with Pandora on my commute and am constantly pausing the songs to scribble down the name of new artists. Sometimes I share my favorite tune of the morning {as tweeted above}. Here are a few little videos of two of my current loves {not new loves, just favorite loves!}.