in my bag

I am always intrigued by “what’s in my bag” posts. They’re a fun way to see what people carry around on a daily basis, how often {or not often} they clean out their bags, and what items they deem “essentials”.

Now that L is a year old, I’m able to toss a few items into my regular bag instead stocking an entire diaper bag. It makes my life much easier. Here are the things that I found in my bag when I emptied it at the end of the day…

DSC_9521 DSC_9536

Items {in no particular order}:

madewell – the transport tote, a pair of hubby’s leather gloves {i have no explanation…}, coach card case, coupons, otter box iPhone 5 case that is disassembled {i intend to clean it off and put it back on}, planner {yes, i still use a paper planner}, notebook, headphones, rebecca minkoff wallet {my absolute favorite}, diapers, wipes, a plastic fork {i think it’s from chipotle}, business card case {a gift from hubby}, random hair products & nail polish kit {gifts from sister}, hand lotion, a toy cow, three lip balms, sharpies, bandaids, locks of L’s hair {from his first hair cut}, mirrors {for work}, and a used tissue.


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