11 weeks


levi 11 weeks

L is 11 weeks old and seems to be changing each day. He really responds to voices, especially his papa’s voice. He loves bath time and flails his little arms and legs as if to be saying to us “see, mama & papa, look what I can do”. I adore it. He still has not been taking good naps during the day, so my hunch is that we will need to start working on this. We take daily walks and notice that he can see further now and respond to our faces from further distances. L loves talking with Grandma and Grandpa. It’s such a blessing that he’s able to bond with them in this special way. I’m excited to see what type of relationship he has with them as he gets older. Lennon has been more interested in the baby, and we now let him lick L’s toes — and then he just doesn’t want to stop. I hope that these two are going to be best buds.

This week we switched cloth diaper brands, and are having a much better time with the new brand. I’ll have a post about  diapering in the future as we figure out what works best for us — and what disposables we use when we travel and are out and about. I’m also feeling more confident about heading back to work after reaching out to a few working mamas and reading some uplifting articles about working motherhood.



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