8 weeks

levi 8 weeks levi and mama 8 weeks levi mama 8 weeks 2 levi momma 8 weeks 3 levi momma 8 weeks carseat

i start all of these updates the same {or similar} way: “it’s hard to believe …” BUT it is hard to believe how much our little dude has grown over these past weeks – he’s officially outgrown all of the newborn sized clothing, and now in 3 month sizes though they’re a little big in the legs. his cheeks kill me. levi now coos and says “goo” {so now i keep saying he will someday be the CEO of Google}. he’s more alert, tracking objects and faces with his eyes. it melts my heart when hubby sits next to him and plays the guitar during tummy time, or makes up a song and sings to levi about “milkies”.

he’s also growing more interested in his bouncy chair / rocker where he hangs out with his “friends” aka the animals hanging overhead. now that the weather has been better, we’ve been getting out for more walks, and trying to get a schedule going for our day. it pretty much starts around 6am – 7am, and then he snoozes every 2 hours for 30-45 minutes until the afternoon when he naps for 1-3 hours.

these last two weeks have been a bit challenging as levi’s periods of fussiness seem to have increased – and a few really difficult overnights with him waking every 1-2 hours to nurse and/or waking because of gas. we’ve tried gripe water, gas drops, and now trying some probiotics to see if it helps. we also have to burp him frequently. he’s just a gassy guy. i’ve also cut dairy out of my diet completely to see if that helps at all. so far, i can’t tell – but i’m going to give it a few more weeks and then see how he responds to it. these past few nights, he’s done better – and last night he slept in his longest stretch so far: 7.5 hours. i almost cried.

even bleary-eyed in the middle of the night, i can’t help but smile when i see this little guy who needs his mama. it’s a feeling that is hard to describe, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.



PS: hubby dressed levi for the day … cracks me up mostly because he’s wearing little socks that look like high tops and a  onesie that says “mommy rocks” {and he knows how i feel about the cheesy onesies …}.

PPS: it was extremely windy today, hence the hand on the head and the fly-aways. but levi’s facial expression in the second photo is my favorite.

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