5 weeks

Little L turned 5 weeks old this week, and I cannot believe how much he’s changing. He’s starting to “talk” more – he’s always been a grunter and squeaker, but now it’s turning into more of a cooing noise. It’s adorable. He still isn’t fond of having his diaper changed, but before and after, he’s starting talking on the changing table. He’s also thisclose to smiling, and his papa saw him make a little coo and do a half-smile yesterday while this mama missed it. Oh, well – I know there will be millions more to witness, and I just can’t wait. We’re still working on the sleeping-through-the-night business as there are some good nights where he’ll sleep for 4 hours, and some bad nights where he’s up every 1.5 hours to nurse. We’re figuring it out. And I’m just so grateful that I still have 7 weeks until I have to go back to work – though I know it’s going to just fly by. Also – I’ve discovered he likes having his hair brushed, hence his crazy ‘do after Thursday’s bath.

levi 5 weeks




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