25 weeks

I can’t believe I’m past the half way point now in this pregnancy, on my way to the third and final trimester. Overall, I’m feeling much better still, though the heartburn, peeing every hour, and tossing / turning throughout the night is still abnormal. I also have been accused of having “pregnancy brain” when trying to recall certain things – thankfully it hasn’t been anything important like meetings or events.

This past week I traveled solo for my first work trip since starting my new job. Happy to report I was on time for both of my flights and didn’t miss either of the events. I was part of a national colloquium about human trafficking so that was pretty cool! I did a bit of sightseeing before I left, which is much more fun with others. But all in all, it was a really fascinating trip and I’m glad I was able to go before I’m too pregnant to travel by plane. Now I’m looking forward to this month of December and all of the holiday festivities that are on the calendar.

25 weeks



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