lululemon warehouse sale 2012

This weekend, lululemon hosted the 2012 warehouse sale in Chicago {well, technically it was at a convention center in Rosemont, IL}. As the first one of its kind in the US – I was prepared for long lines, little variety, and mobs of people fighting for the coveted product. I’m happy to report that I was proved wrong. On Sunday, a new co-worker friend and I ventured out via the blue line to be dropped off just a few blocks from the convention center. There was no line {I repeat … no line} to enter the warehouse. I checked my coat {mandatory}, and took only my wristlet complete with my iPhone, identification, lip balm, and debit card.

All of the items were organized by size, which proved to be very effective.  The longest line that I stood in was for the fitting room – which was basically a room with 30 women all disrobing to try on their ginormous piles of clothes. It was hilarious. Though I had a pile of 10 things, I narrowed it down to my two favorite items: the Scuba Hoodie, and a pair of the Groove Pants. I could have easily purchased more items, but stuck to my budget {if you’ve ever been to one of these sales you know how incredibly hard this is!}. Here are the items that I purchased as well as a few photos of the warehouse.

{Groove Pant // Regularly $98, Warehouse Price $39}

{Fur Scuba Hoodie w/ removable fur // Regularly $148, Warehouse Price $39}

{organized racks of lululemon gear}

{posted prices on the way to the fitting rooms}

{my bag of goodies}

Overall, I had a blast – it was a great experience and I’m so glad that I went to check it out. Do you go to warehouse or sample sales? Did any of you go to the lululemon warehouse sale this weekend? What was your experience?




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