{Source: A Girl and A Camera Photography}

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday {not only because I love cooking, baking, and eating all the delicious food}. It always holds such meaning and reminds me to spend a day reflecting on my life and the good things in it. My family has a tradition of going around the dinner table, each person sharing the things that they are the most thankful for. I love it.

Since I joined the “Weekly Gratitude” project, I have enjoyed the regular reflection of thankfulness. It’s fun to reflect on my week and think about the events {big or small} that leave me feeling blessed.

These are the things I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday:

I am grateful for my parents {whose love truly is unconditional}.

I am incredibly blessed to be connected to something greater than myself {others, the world around me, my faith}.

I am thankful for each day that I can spend loving others.

I am thankful for friends that celebrate the good and commiserate the bad.

I am thankful for a meaningful career.

I am thankful for sisters.

I am thankful for Hubby {my partner for life} who loves me so completely.

I am thankful for Lennon {who gives the best cuddles in the entire world}.




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