CBN Tribute Party Recap: Food Demo

Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Blogger Network party hosted at Tribute. Prior to the main event, myself and three other food-lovers participated in a behind-the-scenes demo from Tribute’s own Executive Chef: Jared Case. Chef Case prepared a Tribute speciality: The Big Nasty. Complete with homemade cheesy biscuits, fried chicken, sausage gravy, and cheese. Can you say “heart attack”?! We had a blast learning new techniques to achieve perfect sausage gravy and fried chicken. Chef Case is charming, hilarious, and was so kind to answer questions about what he was doing, and more importantly, why he was doing it. It was one of the most delicious of culinary treats I have ever laid taste buds on!

{Executive Chef: Jared Case}

{Pastry Chef making the biscuits}

{Fellow bloggers: Kelly, Lori, and Christina}

{Building The Big Nasty}

{Still Building The Big Nasty}

{The BIG Nasty}

{Chef Case and The Big Nasty}

{Tasting Time!}

Unfortunately, my photos of the actual CBNTRIBUTEPARTY were terribly blurry and dark, not even salvageable by Instagram. I had a blast hanging out with fellow Chicago Bloggers, and noshing on the tasty treats provided by Tribute.

A huge thank you to: Chicago Blogger Network for the tote bags. My tote bag was stuffed with these goodies:

Last but certainly not least, any readers interested in checking out Tribute and their delicious contemporary American fare, show them this photo below on your visit, and receive 10% off of your bill!


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