Weekly Gratitude

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted my “Weekly Gratitude” list. Honestly, it’s been really hard to find time to blog. I barely get on my Bloglovin’ these days.

This time of year, it’s easy to be thankful for things like the weather and the warm color palette that fills the City with orange, brown, and yellow. Even the rainy days become excuses for baking goodies. I find myself slowing down my walking pace, if only slightly, to smell the leaves. Is that weird? I’m okay with that.

These are the things that I’m grateful for:

  • Running with my dad: he’s such an encouragement. He’s always giving me tips on how to run, stretch, and is really helping me feel confident in running.
  • Family visits: Hubby’s parents visited this past weekend {they live in Michigan}. We explored the City together, and made some really fun memories together.
  • My job: I’m always on the go! I feel like I’m constantly learning something new, and it’s just so fascinating to be working in the medical setting.
  • My pedometer: I’ve started wearing a pedometer (go ahead, judge me!). I started wearing it to see how much I’m actually walking around the hospital, but now I’ve turned it into a little competition with myself to see how many steps I take during the day. It’s really fun!
  • Friends: A telephone date with one of my oldest friends always makes me feel loved. I’m so grateful for friends who love me and who really want to know me and be a part of my life.
  • Financial motivation: Hubby and I have been kicking butt on our budget lately. We’re right on track to accomplishing some of our financial goals (more on that later), and it feels AWESOME.
  • Letter from a friend: Betsy and I have been writing back and forth instead of talking on the phone and emailing. Handwritten letters are the best.
  • A new iPhone cover that I scored 30% off plus free shipping. It’s so pretty.
  • Running dates with B — again, running with friends is just so much better than solo runs. We signed up for the Grant Park 5K Turkey Trot at the end of November. Gobble, gobble!



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