A tourist in the City

This past weekend, my husband’s parents came to visit for the weekend. Chicago Public Library has a ‘Museum Pass’ program that allows you to check out a museum pass {that admits up to 4 people} for FREE admission to the local museums. We opted for the Planetarium, and spent half of a day perusing the Adler Planetarium: watching shows in 3-D and learning about the stars {something that has always fascinated me}. We walked from the museum campus along the lakefront through Grant Park and Millenium Park, then hopped a bus to take us to the Hancock building for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Being a tourist in the City was fun for the day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – we couldn’t have asked for better weather for mid-October.

Sunday, we went to one of our favorite neighborhoods {Andersonville} to explore the Swedish Museum, antique and local art shops, and have brunch at Ann Sather. Hello, sugar rush. Those cinnamon rolls are delicious! Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the weekend.


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