Weekly Gratitude: 35/36

{via Pinterest}

I’m alive! I’ve had a terribly busy two weeks getting settled into my new job and trying to recover from a nasty virus. I finally feel like I’m on the mend. Most of my evenings have been spent in my pajamas going to bed early and trying to catch up on rest.

Things I’m thankful for this week:

  • Kind CTA bus drivers that make my morning/evening commute pleasant. Never underestimate a “good morning” and a “have a great evening” greeting. In a city where people barely make eye contact, it really is a sweet gesture.
  • Hilarious CTA bus drivers that comment on the overcrowded and delayed buses, encouraging consumers to make complaints. It really does make me laugh.
  • Seeing ‘The Help’ in the company of girlfriends and having meaningful conversations about the emotions and feelings that the film {and the book} prompts.
  • Dinner with friends, sharing and learning more about ourselves and our friends. I’m so grateful for the community that we’ve been building over our years in this City.
  • New Essie polish in ‘Sew Psyched’: it’s the perfect autumn hue.
  • A new job where I feel challenged, rewarded, and so very hopeful for the future.
Happy Weekend!

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