Inspired Tuesday: Closet Confessions

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Confession: I loathe cleaning. It’s just not very fun. I hate cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, floors, etc. I do it {mostly because I know I should}, and I negotiate the cleaning duties with Hubby {because we really do share the responsibility}.

Confession: I LOVE organizing! According to my co-workers, I’ve been voted the most organized person in the office. I realize this is lame, but I embrace my inner organizing nerdiness.

Confession: When it comes to organizing my closet, I’m at a loss. Hubby and I share one closet for hanging clothes, one closet for folded clothes, and one dresser for all other clothes.

Confession: I’ve never actually followed through with the closet clean outs that I so thoroughly enjoy reading about. A few of my favorite blog posts here, here, and here. A few of my favorite book sources here, here, and here.

Sunday night after devouring a few September issues of my favorite magazines, I was inspired to start the closet organization/makeover process. Step One: Inspiration/Style Board. My board is still basic, but it’s filled with with prints, patterns, colors, and silhouettes that I like. Note: this part is really fun! As in my-hands-were-hurting-from-holding-the-scissors-for-too-long, fun.

Now I’m in the middle of Step Two: trying on every piece of clothing that I own… For each piece of clothing in my closet I’m going through the following steps:

  1. Try on item (add pants/tank top if necessary)
  2. Ask myself the following questions: Does this fit me? Do I like this color? Can I sit down/walk/breathe while wearing this? When was the last time I wore this/have I ever worn this? Are there any stains/holes/tears that cannot be repaired?
  3. Take a photograph of myself wearing said item. I do this for two reasons: 1) I want to be able to truly see how I look in the item and 2) I want evidence if I ever ask myself why I got rid of the item.
  4. Look at my inspiration board. Does this fit the overall style that I like? Does this make me feel good? Do I already have a few things in my closet I can pair with this?
  5. Decision time: Purge or Keep


It’s not nearly as glamorous as I imagined, but I’m finding that it is completely necessary. I’ve already unearthed many things that I purchased before I developed my true sense of style {read: college years}. So much of my precious space has been filled with ill-fitting items in strange colors that don’t fit my style. Like, at all. To the purge pile they go!

On to tackle the rest of my closet …to be continued.



4 thoughts on “Inspired Tuesday: Closet Confessions

  1. Pilar I’m doing the same thing with my closet now! As of right now it’s taking about a week but I know it will take a few more- but I have a suggestion! One of my sales associates sells her clothing to Platos closet- if its still in decent condition she says you can get some money, it might be worth a try!

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