Weekly Gratitude: 27/28 Editions

{What do we do with leftover 3D glasses? Put them on Lennon and take photos, of course.}

Things I’m thankful for this week {and last week}:

  • Hubby finishing his summer semester! He got an A in the course {of course!}.
  • An extra day off of work to rest, relax, and read this.
  • The City on Netflix instant. NY, DVF, Kelly Cutrone, Whitney Port, and Olivia Palermo drama? You had me at DVF.
  • The stormy weather. It makes for perfect sleeping conditions.
  • One Girls’ Night in watching True Blood Season 1.
  • Sparkly pink polish on my toes.
  • Seeing “Captain America” with my love and 4 other nerdy dudes.
  • Scoring a Qdoba Groupon {$7 for $14 worth of food!}
  • Vogue’s Age Issue: SJP’s still got it.
  • A lovely bubble bath in the middle of a crazy week.
Happy Weekend!

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