{photos 1&2 taken during our summer in panama, photo 3 at my wedding, photo 4 during a visit in chicago, photo 5 last summer in santa cruz}

One of my oldest and dearest friends has set out on an adventure of a lifetime. She has been living in Santa Cruz, CA for the last few years {Hubby and I visited her out there last summer} and has recently accepted a position on the other side of the country on the coast in Georgia. Being the true adventurer that she is, she decided to Vespa her way cross-country mapping out a 6 week route from coast to coast {literally}. I’m so excited for her, to hear about her adventures, and keep her in my prayers for safe travels. She is going to be updating her blog An Ocean of Trees, if you want to follow along in her adventure. Betsy and I first met in Chicago when I was a Freshman in high school. We’ve lived near each other on and off over the years, when we lived various places throughout the Midwest. She’s celebrated with me, cried with me, and has been a consistent source of encouragement in my life.

In 2004, we traveled to Panama together and spent two months living/volunteering at a children’s home for the summer. If any of you have traveled out of the country with a friend, you know that there are memories made that last forever. Silly {and very strange} things that make you laugh or cry when remembered. It truly was an adventure, and I’m so thankful for that summer. Fast forward 7 years later, and I can still picture us on a beach somewhere in Panama: me terribly sunburnt, Betsy terribly tan, feeling so terribly blessed to call her my friend.



5 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. Hey Pilar,

    I just read your post about your friend driving her Vespa from CA to GA! What an exciting journey. I will enjoy following her on her quest. I am also enjoying reading your blog. It has been a while (3 years) since I have seen you, but it sounds like you and your hubby are doing great. Maybe now that Jen and Ryan are in MI we might actually see you again someday!
    Thanks for blogging and thanks for posting about your friend.


    • Hi! Glad that you enjoy the blog. Yes, I am so excited for Betsy, and her journey cross-country. Hope you’re doing well!

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