Alphabet Soup

{via my pinterest}

Ambition: to love wholeheartedly, laugh genuinely, and live simply
Bad Habit: biting my nails
City: chicago
Drink: sparkling water
Education: finished grad school one year ago
Food: cheese
Guilty Pleasure: reality television
Hometown: the midwest
Ice Cream: phish food
Jonesing for: a vacation {somewhere warm, exotic, with my love}
Kryptonite: mean people
Look-a-like: my sisters
Movie: empire records
Nickname: peej, PJ, pillar, P
Obsession: kombucha
Perfume: marc jacobs daisy
Quirk: i’m a stickler for spelling
Regret: not going to a state-school
Starbucks: venti iced green tea, unsweetened
Thrift Find of the Year: a vintage bag with rosary beads hiding in the zippered pocket
University: i’ve always loved the wolverine
Vacation: paris, please via Oh Happy Day Goes to Paris
Wine: pinot grigio
X: x-men, i love the series
Years: 27 {almost 28}
Zen: the smell of the ocean & the sound of the waves

*I found this via one of my favorite blogs: Smart and Sassy with Sprinkles.

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