Girl & the Goat

(love the tea towel napkins & stamped paper holder)

(hubby trying to decide what to order)

(chickpea fritters)

(goat empanadas)

(i love the goat!)

(bread with apple butter and homemade butter)

(ham frittes)

(grilled asparagus)

(pig face)

(bittersweet chocolate)

(to quote hubby, “cheers to five years”)

Hubby and I love Top Chef. It’s one of our favorite shows to watch and we become quite competitive over who the winners of the challenges will be. It’s a great show. Especially if you’re a foodie. It’s also a great show if you’re just a reality-tv addict. When Top Chef Chicago winner Stephanie Izard opened Girl & the Goat we decided it would be fun to have it be our “5th anniversary dinner”.

Dinner at Girl & the Goat was perfect. The food was absolutely fantastic. I loved the atmosphere and literally all of the design elements. It is such a great space!

We researched what to order before (mostly via yelp and friends who’ve been). I love that the menu is primarily small plates, so you can get a variety of flavors and taste experiences. The menu had just the right balance of wanting to satisfy curiosity, and food that I was able to pronounce (yes!).

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone (although it’s not a vegetarian friendly meal, there are some vegetarian and some fish dishes).



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