Moving Day(s)

(our apartment)

(the avocado room)

(loved the faux fireplace)

(donation pile … we filled the bin)

As of yesterday at 7pm, we are no longer tenants at any apartment building. We spent the weekend packing, cleaning, sorting, donating, and storing. My favorite photo is the pile of stuff that we donated. Seriously! It felt so good to get rid of extra baggage. I will forever miss the avocado green walls of our former apartment. It was such a fun color for the dining room. To be completely honest, I had a minor meltdown on Monday evening.  We lived in this apartment for two years, which is the longest we’ve lived in any apartment. Even though I hated it at times (bad water pressure, weird smells, & floors that were never clean), I will remember it fondly.



2 thoughts on “Moving Day(s)

  1. aw, i know…moving is bittersweet. but you guys are entering a new phase of your life!!!! it’ll be challenging at times, but so worth it in the long run!

    ps – how are you liking wordpress?

    • You are so right. I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end!
      I’m loving WordPress! Everything looks so much cleaner and is just easier to use!

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