Weekly Gratitude: 18th Edition

Things I’m thankful for this week:

  • The heat: I love the heat. I’m so thankful for the sun and the warmth that it brings to the City.
  • Spring smells: fresh-cut grass, blooming trees, it’s so refreshing to have new scents around the City.
  • Happy hour(s) at Starbucks: half price frappuccino, anyone? Don’t have to ask me twice.
  • Outdoor seating at restaurants.
  • The park: nothing is better than spending time on a Sunday afternoon relaxing at the park with my Kindle.
  • Fun events: this week I attended a Fleet Feet Girls’ Night Out and got cupcakes, drinks, and a free sports bra fitting!

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One thought on “Weekly Gratitude: 18th Edition

  1. Can I just say, I’m grateful for those great boat shoes i see in the background that i remember from your time in california. and my brother mentioned to me that he knows all about sports bra fitting (he got trained at work, if you can believe it)and by the way, my bras probably don’t even fit right. it was kinda weird, but made me laugh.

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