The Next Chapter

When Hubby decided it was time to go back to school {to get a Master’s in Nursing Degree}, we talked about the sacrifices we would need to make. I took on a twice/month weekend job to help make ends meet with Hubby’s inevitable switch to a part-time job.

Any married couple {or long-term relationship couple} knows that over the years of being together you learn to problem-solve together … it’s much easier this way. We discussed moving into a studio apartment, selling off a majority of our belongings, having roommates, moving out of the City … exploring pretty much every option imaginable. After deciding that the City still fits our goals {PJ’s job, Hubby’s school}, the next thing to decide was where we were going to cut our living expenses.

My parents {who live just a few miles from our apartment} offered us a room in their home to save money on rent/expenses while Hubby was in school {insert sharp inhale}.  We talked about it: agreed, disagreed, analyzed, and ultimately came to a conclusion {after about 6 months} that it’s an incredible opportunity to hit the reset button and prioritize our lives. So that’s where we’re headed at the end of May. We will be moving in with my parents to save money, pay off debt, and shed the extra stuff in our lifestyle to be better prepared for the future.

Follow along as the next chapter unfolds … as we reflect on our experience of living with our family: the good, the bad, and the yet-to-be-determined.



3 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. I know this was probably a very hard conclusion to come to but I am so happy for you guys! It takes mucho guts to do this. I’ll be sending you both (and auntie/uncle as well ;) lots of love while you make the change!

  2. Well, on one hand – hard decision. On another, I think there will be some really good times to be had. You have an amazing family and they will be great at knowing when to be hands-on and when to be, most definitely, hands-off. I’m proud of you for choosing this option, and what an adventure it will be. Can’t wait to stop by in Chicago! You guys are more like a hispanic family, all crammed under one roof, and I love it.:) Buena suerte, good luck peej!

  3. i’m excited for you guys! it’s going to be so nice to save money and pay off debut… such a smart idea! can’t wait to see you guys soon! twenty days! :)

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