Inspired Tuesday: Jess LC


For this week’s installment of Inspired Tuesday I’d like to talk about a little jewelry line that I’ve been admiring for the past year: Jess LC. I love that she’s a local Chicagoan and I adore her blog Makeunder My Life. She is clearly inspired to design her business with intention, and inspires others to live with intention. My favorite series on her blog can be found here.

I chose this necklace as my intention for daily living because sometimes I’ve just got to remember to breathe. It sounds simple enough, yes? No. Living in a city, constantly surrounded by people and things and noises and distractions, I often find myself forgetting to just “be”.

I’ve been wearing this necklace for the past few days and have often found myself taking deeper breaths and remembering to just take it one minute at a time. I guess you could say it’s helping me live out my intention? Yes, yes, it is.


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