Weekly Gratitude: Ninth Edition


things i’m thankful for this week:
  • lennon learned two new tricks! his repertoire now includes sit, shake, lay, and roll over. the best part is that he gets so excited for the treat that he does all four of them simultaneously. it’s hilarious!
  • fiberful bars from trader joe’s – they’ve been my go-to snack this week. 
  • anthropologie’s capri blue volcano candle. hands-down my favorite candle!
  • time to relax and unwind with friends. and margaritas.
  • sushine.
  • husband’s patience with me. i had one very dramatic meltdown this week… and he did a great job of snapping me back into reality with a pep talk. good job, husby.



    2 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude: Ninth Edition

    1. >yep, saving for a vespa. with the selling of my car, i'm actually pretty close to there. i've been wanting to ask you – zipcar – what is your take? ever tried them? i'm thinking about joining here, to do things like airport runs, etc.

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