>weekly gratitude: third edition


Although I missed last weekend, I’m back for this week’s reflection of things that I’m thankful for:

  • Thank you daily planner for helping me remember the things I’m supposed to do everyday. 
  • Thank you to brie cheese for being so delicious on sliced baguette. Yum!
  • Thank you to my husband for understanding when I just need to cry, freak out, and then cuddle. 
  • Thank you “No Strings Attached” for being so hilarious. 
  • Thank you February issue of Real Simple for the fresh organizing ideas! 
  • Thank you GAP for having some amazing sales this week to rescue me from my winter wardrobe blahs.
  • Thank you BFF for a great chat this week – (I miss her so much!)
  • Thank you Lennon for always being so happy to see me, especially at the end of a long day, it makes things so much better! 
  • Thank you black bean brownies for being my new delicious treat. 

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