another year over

i can’t believe 2010 is coming to a close. it’s been such an incredible year of growth, and i’ve enjoyed a majority of the lessons learned and memories made.

last year as 2009 was coming to a close, hubs and i had an incredible conversation about our goals for the new year. being obsessed with writing things down in my planner, i created a running “list” of things that i wanted to accomplish in 2010. i’d be fibbing if i said that i met all of my goals, but i can say (with a great deal of pride) that i met most of them! it’s so fun looking back on my list and seeing what i thought was really important at the start of 2010. so without further commentary, here is a look back on my year…
{i got glasses}
{i graduated from graduate school*}

{my baby sister graduated from high school}

{hubs and i took a california vacation*: visited our good friend, photos of us biking the golden gate bridge, & taking a canopy tour of the redwoods}

{i got a tattoo*}

{my other sister got married}

{my best friend moved from michigan back to the east coast}

{i ran a 5k* and an 8k*}

{lennon turned one}

{hubs started taking classes & got a 4.0!}

{i took a photography class* and got a new lens* and started blogging more regularly*}

{i made a turkey, again}

{i took a sewing class* and then promptly broke my sewing machine}

{i started reading books again via my new kindle*} 

{we visited colorado with my hubs’ family}

{i ate lots of greek yogurt … i’m a little obsessed}

*indicates that these were actual goals for 2010 that i crossed off my list!

all in all, i look back on 2010 with fond memories, and hope that 2011 will be even better! 
happy new year!


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