>a christmas carol


{me, bro in law, sister, hubby, sister, dad, mom}

in lieu of traditional christmas gifts, this year, my parents gifted a night out at the theatre to see ‘a christmas carol’ at the goodman theatre. we lived in chicago when i was a kid, and went to the same production (at the old goodman location) every year. it was always such fun when i was little. we would wear our christmas dresses, and hang around after the production to see if we could “meet” any of the actors. so my parents thought it would be fun to re-instate the tradition. we saw it together last year, and again this year. it’s so fun to see the changes in the cast, and the subtle changes in the style of the play. tiny tim gets me every year, and i enjoy celebrating the christmas season with this tradition.

more outfit posts to come. i’m going to finish the 30for30 this week regardless of if i get all of the outfits posted. we’re headed to colorado on friday …



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