>30 for 30: take fifteen!


{dress & belt – target | white button down & tights – gap | black flats – michael kors | necklace – vintage}
i planned it out as i drifted to sleep last night.  do you plan your outfits like that? sometimes i dream about creating outfits only to wake up to discover that they are all in my “dirty” pile. boo. this time it worked out. this is my first time trying the collared shirt under a dress look, and i think it came out alright. it felt too formal until i added the belt for a little something different to break it up. 
what worked: i enjoyed wearing this outfit. it was comfortable and dressy. i felt a bit formal for a normal day of work, but i could rock this outfit again when i need to dress up for a work meeting … 
what didn’t work: next time, i need to wear this outfit with heels!

3 thoughts on “>30 for 30: take fifteen!

  1. >This is such a classy look and one that I would totally wear. I do think about what to wear as I go to sleep. Not because I am crazy (well, maybe I am that) but because I want to be able to get up and grab my clothes from the closet without thinking. If I have to think about what to wear, it makes it harder to get out of bed.The Auspicious Life

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