>30 for 30: take eleven!


{dress & cardigan – target | scarf – H&M | gloves – UO | tights – gap | boots – hand me down from sis}

so all of a sudden winter has appeared in chicago! on the first day of december, we had our first snow. pretty perfect, actually. you can even see a few snowflakes that were stuck on my scarf. so no surprise to you, i still am loving this dress. this time i enjoyed using some bright accents to offset the dark: the purple scarf & these bright teal gloves. these are my most favorite gloves! they’re such a bright spot in what is generally a grey, dark season of winter in the midwest. i included the blurry photo because i love the way that the scarf & glove colors really stand out.
please pardon my “cold face”. i was literally freezing as i was trying to capture these shots in the natural light. i could barely feel my face. thus, “cold face” happens when i don’t really have any sense of what sort of face i’m making. 
i genuinely enjoyed my outfit today. i’m running out of steam a bit on this challenge. i believe i can live off of the 30 items. my difficulty is that i want to keep wearing the same thing over and over again because i know that it already works. are you fellow 30for30s feeling that way at all?

21 thoughts on “>30 for 30: take eleven!

  1. >i gotta hand it to you – taking pics outside in this freezing weather with no coat AND out in public on the lakefront! dedication! im probably taking all my pics indoors for the next six months! ;)

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