>30 for 30: take one!


(dress & cardigan – target | tights – betsey johnson | boots – urban outfitters | bag – anthropologie | necklace – lia sophia)
well, it’s day one of the 30 for 30 challenge. i decided to combine my current favorites: dress, cardigan, tights, and boots. this outfit was perfect for this warm sunny monday.
note to self: when husband leaves the house before i do, throw a tantrum until he agrees to take photos of my outfits outdoors. my self-portrait self-timer catastrophe has gotten no better with practice. 
i’m really looking forward to these next 30 days. i feel like i already really recycle similar outfits, and i think this will challenge me to incorporate my items smartly, and also learn to accessorize better. 



4 thoughts on “>30 for 30: take one!

  1. >Yes – a tripod and a remote make things a lot easier! I don't know how I'd manage without mine.I have similar feelings about the challenge. I hope being restricted to 30 items helps me break the habit of wearing pieces in one way and mixing it up a bit. Accessorizing better would be nice too!

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