>30 for 30


so here i go! i’ve accepted the 30 for 30 challenge from kendi at kendi everyday. after spending three plus hours going through my clothes, considering the season change that is upon the midwest, i narrowed it down to 30 essential (or what i anticipate as being essential) to get me through the next 30 days. 
to get started, i used kendi’s handy-dandy 30for30 remix workbook. and as you can see, i edited and re-edited.


my final count:
6 cardigans (i accidentally photographed the navy one twice…)
2 long sleeved blouses
1 blazer
1 pair skinny jeans
1 pair trouser jeans
3 skirts
3 dresses
2 dress tanks
2 tshirts
1 long sleeved shirt
1 short sleeved sweater
1 tank
1 pair peep-toe pumps
2 pair brown boots
1 pair flats
1 pair black boots
1 vest
here i go! 


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