>what’s up? holla!


over the weekend, we went to an apple orchard in southern wisconsin, about an hour north of the city. the apples were really picked over, but nevertheless, it’s such a fun atmosphere. this was probably the most “commercialized” orchard i’ve ever been to. they had lots of family activities, a cover band playing johnny cash, gold mining, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, and a petting zoo. all cheesy activities aside, it was so much fun! i always say that i could never live in the country, but visiting the country is perfect for a city girl like myself. i had a ‘legally blonde’ moment while deciding my outfit for this excursion. i wanted to totally “look the part” of a country girl. haha.

in lieu of the golden gate bridge, they have a “golden goat bridge”
where you can feed the goat on a pulley system! of course, i had to partake.

this was my favorite goat!

if you feed one, you’ve got to feed them all.
or they get their heads stuck in the fence…
which they did anyway, but at least they weren’t hungry.

the classic head shot farm photo.  

(chris, me, momma)

mom made it out of the corn maze minutes ahead the rest of us.
then, she rubbed it in our faces. 

(dad, momma, me)

there was also a very large pig, which we believe may or
may not have been pregnant.
also: note the sign. poor goats.
 paul bunyon’s chair! gee, i look small. 
(shirt & jeans – gap | scarf – target | boots – urban outfitters)

while i was searching for a pumpkin, hubs was taking photos of the vegetation. 
i like this photo!
i found a perfect pumpkin!

and hubs had to carry it home! 
we ended the adventure with fresh cider (yum!) and donuts (double yum!). i love autumn activities!

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