>you got to be free


i thought it’d be fun to share my biggest sources of inspiration for my life. i draw inspiration from various places, mostly via artistic expression through music, film, photography, and fashion. instead of jamming so much into one post, i think it will be fun for me to do a series of posts about my various sources of inspiration.

(me, sister, dad, sister)

i thought i’d start with what will be my cheesiest source of inspiration…
inspiration source: dad
this past weekend my dad ran the chicago marathon for the 7th time. how can i not be inspired by him?! running 26.2 miles x 7?! this year was the first year that i ran with him for part of the race. it was such a blast! and so fun for me to be able to encourage him to finish strong. my dad is one of my biggest sources of influence. he has always encouraged me to be the best possible version of myself; he’s encouraged me to make good decisions, learn from the bad ones, and make better choices for the future.

is there a person that inspires you? 


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