home is wherever there is you

it’s been a rough couple of days over here. i will have some new posts shortly! i had a really awful start to this week, and last week was busy with family stuff and work stuff and stuff stuff stuff. tuesday was an awful day: i woke up late, was consequently late to work (by only a few minutes, but still), got a run in my tights (which then made me not want to take photos of my outfit), and got a parking ticket because i accidentally took the car keys with me to work instead of leaving them for my husband. to top it all off, i ordered a pair of boots i was super psyched about, only to have them arrive on tuesday and were a size too small. ugh. it’s just been one of those weeks.

not to despair! the weather is gorgeous in the city. the trees are changing, the leaves are falling, and there’s a crisp freshness in the air that only autumn can bring.


ps. bear with me as i’m figuring out how to edit stuff on this blog!

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