now here’s the sun, come to dry the rain

this is my first official “good news” post…it’s been a great week!

good news #1
i’m getting a raise! finally! it’s been a year in the making…now it makes sense because i will have my master’s degree in just under a month…but still i’ve been waiting a year. i’m so stoked. it’s such a relief to know that i’ve got a secure job when i gradate. phew.

good news #2
i’m planning to apply for contingency at the hospital when i’m done with my internship. it basically means that i will be on-call for certain shifts. i’m excited about this because my dream of someday working there may actually happen.
good news #3
we are officially going on a vacation in june! we will be spending 10 lovely days in california. i bought our plane tickets today! we’re headed to san jose, santa cruz, and san francisco for certain. we’re going to do a canopy tour in the redwoods & tour alcatraz… so much to plan & so much to see! i love this type of planning though…it’s “adventure” planning. the best kind.
…good things are happening…finally!

2 thoughts on “now here’s the sun, come to dry the rain

  1. >What a good post to read! congrats on all the happenings! when you get back from california, we'll have to have you over (this time it may actually work out!)

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