the times they are a-changing

in all of my *extra* time, i’ve been working to organize, de-clutter, and overall overhaul our apartment to make into a more inhabitable space. in order to do this, i must first scour my favorite sources of inspiration.
my top three:

(apartment therapy)

(design sponge)

(how about orange)

because i would much rather personalize our space to make it reflect our personalities and style i spend hours and hours looking at these blogs & gathering design ideas. when chris and i are trying to figure out what to do next, chris always says, “well, what does apartment therapy have to say about it?” cracks me up.
we just renewed our lease for another year,
so i am excited to work on our apartment during the summer!

lennon got his first haircut and looks pretty scrawny right now…but he’s hilarious. his favorite place to be is on the bed…

(lennon in the guest room)
i’m still loving my internship!
more and more i realize that i love the medical social work setting. working with the pediatric population is challenging (especially when a child dies, or has a terminal prognosis), but i would love to work in a pediatric hospital or on a pediatric service at a hospital…someday. sigh.

One thought on “the times they are a-changing

  1. >i love that rhino on the wall! i want to make one. lennon is sooo cute! and that's exciting that you just renewed your lease! yay to not moving!

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