here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten

i’ve been so bad at blogging! i even had a week off of my internship, work & school the first week in january. jeez.

when the new year begins it’s always a time for me to set new goals on things that i want to accomplish during the year. i also like to spend time reflecting on the significant events that happened in the previous year. it was really fun to sit down with my husband and talk through our goals for the year. some of them we share – which is really sweet. our first and major one is to actually take our trip to California this year. we started planning our trip last year, but weren’t able to do it financially. 2010 is the year. our plan is to fly to LA, and then drive north through the vineyards & coastal towns to get to the Bay Area. we’re working out all the details, but it’s going to be a perfect mix of relaxation and the outdoors. lots of friends of ours have been there recently so we’re compiling all of their “must sees”…ha.

i’m also still working on my fitness goals, and am stepping up my game to include organized runs. so my three for the year are to run the following: a 5k, a 10k, and a half-marathon. two of the three are already in my calendar for the year – let the training begin!

if anyone is reading this…what are your goals for the new year?

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