autumn is here in chicago. it’s brisk and lovely! the leaves are turning and there is a crisp scent in the air. i love this season. autumn and summer are my two favorite seasons. if the weather consisted only of two seasons, i would be content with these two. well, you get the point. i love autumn, and even more: i’ve always loved october in chicago.

this season brings with it some incredible
food: apples, squash, pumpkins, and one of my most favorite things to make from scratch: chili
events: the chicago marathon. my dad is running again this year, and i’m so thrilled to be able to be here to support him
activities: apple picking

i’m well into my internship, classes, and work schedule now. i’m starting to feel the exhaustion from being pulled in so many different directions. i am so thankful for my family and my hubby who are so helpful in keeping me sane. and as much as i feel behind on the “starting a family” front, i am thankful that we’re not there yet. i’ve started a little research about phd programs, but i’m pretty sure i don’t want it to be in social work. because i want to be a professor, i’m thinking education. but i can’t get ahead of myself. first, i’ve got to get my msw.

it’s the here & now that i need to worry about…right?

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