this past year i’ve been on a path of “health” discovery. learning the best way to take care of my body: to let my body heal itself & build strength.

since march i’ve lightened my body by twenty pounds. (i realize that in the world of nutrition, training, and weight loss this isn’t an incredible amount of body fat loss. but for me it’s a significant milestone!) for the first time i feel empowered to change my body and my lifestyle. and i’ve discovered a few things…
there’s no magical potion for weight loss.
there is no cure for self confidence.
you can work really hard at both and feel like you’re making no progress. at all.
but in the end: your body begins to show subtle changes (a loose pant here, a compliment there), your habits change (no processed foods for me, please), and you realize that it really is worth all of the injury, sweat, and tears.

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